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The mission of the Wellness Certification Board (HCB) is to certify and verify credentials of qualified professionals within the health and health wellness professions, including anti-aging, life enhancement and quality of life, peak performance and relaxation therapy modalities.

We certify in compliance with:

strict industry standards,

rigorous professional blueprints,

your professional practices,

your Professional Code of Ethics, and

your Standard of Care.

Strict Industry Standards

We are accredited by the American Accreditation Commission.

The American Accreditation Commission is the leader in accrediting associations, certification boards and education organizations in the health, nutrition, therapies and wellness professions.

We adhere to the Commission on Higher Education standards as required by the American Accreditation Commission.

These standards demand accountability of the organization to the people they serve.

We are ranked as a superior certification board by the industry watchdog.

We assist our certified professionals with license board issues at no cost using the services of the American Association of License Board Mediators.

Rigorous Professional Blueprints

We believe credibility is earned by the quality of the work you do. But more importantly, experience teaches us that your professional ethics and practices have more to do with your credibility than the quality of your work.

For Wellness First created blueprints for health, nutrition and wellness with the assistance of the American Accreditation Commission. We have adopted their blueprints and recommend them to you.

Wellness Blueprint for Excellence

The Wellness Certification Board certifies qualified professionals under the following designations:

1. Board Certified Alternative Wellness Specialist, Coach

2. Board Certified Anti-Aging Specialist and/or Instructor

2. Board Certified Wellness Specialist and/or Instructor

3. Board Certified Life Enhancement Specialist and/or Instructor

4. Board Certified Peak Performance Specialist and/or Instructor

5. Board Certified Quality of Life Specialist and/or Instructor

6. Board Certified Relaxation Therapy Specialist and/or Instructor

For a list of other accredited health certification boards certifying professionals in alternative, complementary, holistic, integrative or natural health see For Wellness First. That list also contains the list of certification boards that certify health coaches and health coach instructors.

Your Professional Practices

If you are licensed in a health care profession by your state or province, you are required to practice according to the laws, rules and regulations created by your license board.

If you are not licensed in a health care profession by your state or province you cannot legally advise, attempt to cure, counsel, cure, diagnose, evaluate, examine, prescribe, recommend, suggest or treat any condition, disease, disorder of illness regulated by the license boards in your state or province.

But you can practice your chosen health profession without doing any of these things. You can empower your clients to make their own decisions about their own lives and take control of their own health.

Your Professional Practices documents announce the services you offer that do not include toxic therapies that can kill.

If you need assistance with creating your own Professional Practices documents, we suggest you check out the correspondence courses offered by the Academy 4 Coaching .

We require you to send us a copy of your personal documents covering Professional Practices as part of your application for certification. These documents should include your Standard of Care, nondiscrimination statement and a description of the professional services you offer

Your Professional Code of Ethics

Acting morally correctly is everything!

Being professional is everything!

Being ethical is everything!

You are required to create your own personal Code of Professional Conduct or Code of Professional Ethics in your own words to become certified.

We take this document very seriously.

The best approach is to listen to your heart. Take a correspondence course in creating a Code of Professional Ethics.

If you don't know where to start, Academy 4 Coaching charges a reasonable fee and offers excellent instruction.

Your Code of Professional Ethics is one of the documents that helps you practice legally and stay out of trouble with regulatory agencies.


Your Standard of Care

You are required to abide by the Standard of Care for your profession in every state, province, district, territory, possession and country in North America.

There are some minor differences in the Standard of Care for different health care professions.

Since states and provinces do not license health professionals, you will need to create and enforce your own Standard of Care in working with your clients.

We suggest you discuss Standard of Care with other people in your profession and the manufacturers and distributors of any equipment or products you might use in your profession before you finalize your personal Standard of Care.

If you need assistance, we suggest you consider taking the Academy 4 Coaching correspondence course in Professional Practices.

To become certified you are required to create your own Standard of Care.

You will remember and fully understand the forms you create and use on a daily basis.

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