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Program Approval Process

The best way to get started is to contact us. Working together we can qualify your organization with minimal or no changes in about two weeks.

Any alternative, complementary, holistic, integrative, natural and other health, anti-aging, life enhancement, peak performance, quality of life, relaxation therapy or toxin release educational organization may petition HCB to receive approved program status.

Program approval is designed to provide quality assurance for potential students and certification candidates.

As part of our approval process, you and our Executive Board will evaluate your curriculum and staff. Our goal is to help you meet or exceed the For Wellness First Wellness Blueprint for Excellence.

Contact Us to Get Started


Requirements to become approved:

1. You are required to operate with the highest ethical and professional standards.

2. You are required to meet or exceed the For Wellness First Wellness Blueprint for Excellence.

3. You are required to follow your own outline and the assigned Wellness Blueprint for Excellence in order to issue CEUs for certification and re-certification.

4. You are required to maintain a qualified, experienced, certified and/or licensed instructional staff.

5. You must charge a fair and reasonable fee for all your products and services. Making a fair wage and profit is both fair and reasonable.

6. You are entitled to expect us to meet the same standard or a higher standard than we require of you.

Pre-qualification Process:

If you agree with what you've read to this point, please contact us with the following information:

1. Your name and contact information

2. Your organization's name and contact information

3. Your website address

We will use this information to investigate you. If we need more information, we will contact you. This process can take two weeks.

When we have completed your investigation we will either:

1. Invite you to make an application, or

2. Advise you what changes we feel you need to make.

If you make the changes we request, we invite you to make your application at that time. You are under no obligation to make the changes we request. If you decide not to make any changes at this time, we will understand.

How Invited Applicants Proceed:

All materials and information you share with us is confidential. Please provide us with the following:

1. Copy of your complete curriculum

2. List of your instructors and their credentials

3. Estimate of the total number of classroom hours a student can reasonably be expected to spend on each part of your curriculum

4. List of the assignments that must be completed for each part of your curriculum

5. Description of the mentoring program in place for your students

6. Description of the attendance and/or assignment completion requirements

7. Description of course exams and required passing grade

8. Any other information you feel is relevant to help us determine the quality and standards of the program

9. Please email your application form and required information to us as attachments or zip file, post them on your website and give us access, or mail physical copies to:

For Wellness First
104 S Richardson Blvd. #1416
Black Mountain, NC 28711.


Privileges of Approved Programs:

Organizations endorsed by HCB to train candidates are entitled to:

1. Publish our endorsement in your materials.

2. Receive appropriate student referrals from us.

3. Issue continuing education units on the basis of one CEU for each fifty minutes of instruction addressing the Wellness Blueprint.

4. Maintain sole ownership for all curriculums developed by your organization, without any interference from us.

5. Control course content of any courses you teach and develop to satisfy the requirements of the Wellness Blueprint.

6. You have permission to include all of our materials in your courses.

7. We will help you obtain accreditation for your school and pay your accreditation fees for the first year. We will continue paying your annual accreditation fee as long as an average of two of your students become certified by us each month. This benefit is fully paid by a grant from an anonymous benefactor.

If you have any questions, please contact us


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