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We consider this to be the minimum format for any approved health education program. Wellness courses may include health, alternative, complementary, holistic, integrative, natural or other health approaches, anti-aging, life enhancement, peak performance, quality of life, relaxation therapy, toxin release therapy and related courses such as pain management, stress management and similar courses.

1. Basic Wellness courses (30 CEU)

2. Professional Practices (10 CEU)

3. Professional Ethics (10 CEU)

4. Creating and Using Informed Consent Forms (45 CEU)

5. Practicum under the supervision of a qualified practitioner or instructor (Minimum of 15 hours which count as 1 CEU for each hour of practicum.)

6. Intermediate Wellness courses (20 CEU)

7. Advanced Wellness courses (20 CEU)

8. Basic coaching skills workshop (45 CEU)

9. Anatomy & Physiology workshop (30 CEU)

10. 500 hour internship under the supervision of a qualified practitioner or instructor (50 CEU)

Note: Interns may apply for certification while completing their internship. With instructor and certification board approval, seminars, webinars, workshops, and teaching may be included as intern hours in addition to one-on-one and group sessions with clients.

How To Obtain Approval for Your Program


Instructor Application Forms

If you are already an approved instructor, or if your program has already been approved, you may apply to be certified as an instructor for your program using one of the following forms (same form, different platforms):

Important Information:

As a certified instructor you may also call yourself and publicise the fact you are certified as a coach, specialist or therapist whichever title applies to your profession.

If you have any question about what title you should use, please see the List of Wellness and Wellness Coach Certification Boards

See also the Program Approval Process


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